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Highly GSD102CD - R410A

Highly GSD102CD Rotary Compressor

Applied to DC inverted frequency air conditioner of 2200-4000W; Compressor speed rangeing within 720-7200rpm; Utilizing R410A, an enviornmental friendly refrigerant; Meet Japan's Air Conditioner APF Assessment Criteria; Performance and noice level leading the industry.

  • R410A (Inverter R41 OA)
  • 3145w
  • 10731 btu/h

Model Displacement (cc/rev) Cooling capacity (w) Cooling capacity (btu/h) Cop Capacitor (Hf/v) Height (mm) Test condition
GSD102CD 10.2 3145 10731 4.33 3200> 223 ASHRAE/T